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About DAFT

The Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) or the Dutch American Residency Treaty enables United States citizens, working on a self-employed basis, to receive a residence permit in the Netherlands and its territories. If you are a US Citizen, are self employed (a freelancer or independent contractor), and want to move to the Netherlands to set up residency here, you can do so with the DAFT visa – so long as you meet certain criteria.

DAFT makes it relatively easy for an American to relocate to the Netherlands and contribute to the Dutch economy. Certainly when you compare it to the process that a Dutch Citizen has to undertake to get a residency permit for the US.

The application is clearly laid out by the IND, the Dutch Immigration & Naturalization Service, on their website. Navigating ┬áthe system to complete the application is another story. As many American expats can attest, the difficulty of the application process can vary greatly: requirements and fees change frequently, the various agencies don’t communicate with each other effectively, you receive conflicting information, etc. There are countless contributing factors that make a fairly straightforward application confusing and frustrating.

In short, the DAFT visa application process is pretty daft.

And so this site was born. As a frustrated American going through the Dutch American Friendship Visa treaty application, I spent countless hours researching the process and going in circles completing the requirements. This site, DAFT Visa, is designed to be a one stop resource for the information needed to apply for and complete the residency permit application process. Here you will find links to the the various forms and requirements for the application and a directory of professional service providers.

I hope this will take some of the frustration away and add some clarity. I invite fellow Americans who have successfully completed their application and share their experience, sage advice and any resources they used along the way. This site is a directory of information, not professional advice.

Good luck!